The Best Bitcoin Documentaries

The Best Bitcoin Documentaries
Bitcoin usage is growing all around the world. From Argentina to to New York City, Bitcoin is finding its way to the people who need it most. As people search for more and more content on what Bitcoin is and how it works, they are likely to come across some of these bitcoin documentaries. In my opinion, these short films are the best bitcoin documentaries that are freely available on the internet. Enjoy.

The Blockchain and Us

In 1903, the airplane took its first flight. Just 114 years later, 500,000 people are traveling by airplane at any point in time. This documentary uses a unique 8 segment format to compare blockchain to the airplane as a piece of technology that was thought to be impossible but will prove to be one of the most revolutionary tools of our time.

The Bitcoin Phenomenon

Bitcoin is not just some dumb internet money. It is a finance phenomenon that will take over the world of free trade. This documentary goes into detail about how and why bitcoin is changing the way the world works.

Ulterior States

It’s not really a surprise that for most of history, money has been issued by those who rule. What I think attracts most people to bitcoin is that it challenges the legal monopoly that central banks and governments have over the creation and flows of money. This documentary touches on some of those key issues and how the Bitcoin market is addressing them.

The Bitcoin Gospel

Some of the biggest names in Bitcoin evangelize the gospel of bitcoin in this 48 minute documentary.

3 Ways Bitcoin is Promoting Freedom in Latin America

In my opinion, Latin America has the most to gain by adopting bitcoin. Hyperinflation, government corruption, price controls, collapsing economies, protectionism, capital controls and excessive regulations are a big problem across the continent. Bitcoin is allowing Latin Americans to opt-out of their national currencies and use a currency that is both for and by the people.

Bitcoin in Argentina

Argentina was one of the first latin american countries to endure hyperinflation in more recent years. It didn’t take long for Argentineans to look for a way out of their existing financial framework. This short documentary touches on how one Argentinian is using Bitcoin to endure tough economic times with the help of a European bitcoin user.

Bitcoins: Liberating Organic Farmers

One of the biggest problems for small businesses in emerging economies is a stable store of value and access to a trustworthy banking tools like credit and electronic payments. Bitcoin is filling this void by providing farmers of organic foods to be able to take part in the internet economy.

Bitcoin in Kenya

Kenya is one of the world leaders when it comes to mobile money technology. This documentary touches on how bitcoin has the potential to integrate with the Kenya’s existing mobile payments technology.

Bitcoin in Uganda

Uganda receives around $700 million a year in remittance payments. The majority of these payments are currently sent through payment networks like MoneyGram and Western Union. This short documentary, highlights the problems with the cost and speed of using these services and how bitcoin can help to reduce the cost and increase the speed of sending money to people in developing nations.

Disrupting Money

Charlie Shrem is one of the more notorious names in Bitcoin. He helped to get things off the ground back in 2011 with the company BitInstant. It wasn’t long before he was indicted by the federal government and was incarcerated for running an unlicensed money transferring business and selling funds from an illegal online drug marketplace. This mini-documentary tells his story in a few mins.

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

Paid Documentary – This documentary follows the life of a bitcoin miner who believes that bitcoin is going to change the world. Some of the biggest names in bitcoin make appearances in this film. From Mark Karpeles to Charlie Shrem this documentary sheds light on the early days of bitcoin’s rise to fame and its rise toward what it is today.

The End of Money As We Know It

Paid Documentary – I have not yet seen this documentary but it looks pretty good. I will add a description as soon as I have seen the film.

Banking on Bitcoin

Paid Documentary – I have not yet seen this documentary either but I will add a description as soon as I have.


Even if you don’t fully understand how bitcoin works, it is changing the world and how humans organize. The documentaries featured above are just a few of the bitcoin resources for learning but there is always a need for more. If you are a documentarian or film maker, the bitcoin space needs you. Come join us.

What documentaries do you think that we should add to this list? Let us know with a comment below or a tweet at @BitcoinReasons so we can add them. Thanks.

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What is a Block Explorer?

What is a Block Explorer?

A block explorer is an online blockchain browser which displays the contents of individual cryptocurrency blocks, transactions, the transaction histories and balances of addresses. A Bitcoin block explorer is used for exploring the bitcoin blockchain while other block explorers may be specific to other cryptocurrencies.

Popular Block Explorers

As you go further and further down the bitcoin rabbit hole, you will probably find yourself needing some information on a particular transaction, address, block or hash. The following block explorers are the most popular in the bitcoin space for finding out just about any information that the blockchain has to offer. It will definitely benefit you to learn how they all work and what they can do for you.

Blockchain.Info is not only one of the first block explorers but it probably one of the most trusted sources for data on the bitcoin blockchain. It is equipped with several useful bitcoin tools such as an HD wallet, charts and a robust API that includes some merchant tools and a donate button. One of the things that I personally do not like about their wallet is that you are required to sign in with an e.mail address which means that this is not a zero-knowledge nor a permissionless wallet and this can erode your personal privacy. is my personal favorite block explorer primarily because of its simplicity and privacy enhancing features. Not only does it provide some great visual features, it is also equipped with a permissionless, zero-knowledge merchant service such as an invoice generator that is pegged to a fiat price rather than a bitcoin price. This means that you can sell goods for bitcoin but price them in a fiat currency so you don’t have to worry about bitcoin price volatility. I have spoken highly of this service in the past and I personally believe this service has the potential to be the most useful block explorer in the bitcoin space. is probably the most obviously named block explorer. It is able to give you basic information on the blockchain and has some basic API services. According to their landing page they are “an open source web tool that allows you to view information about blocks, addresses, and transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain. Their source code is available on GitHub.

Additional Block Explorers

There are probably dozens of block explorers and I will end up making this post 2,000 words if I list them all in detail but here are a few others that you might like.

What is a bitcoin term that you would like us to define for you? Let us know with a comment below or a tweet at @WhatIsBitcoin.

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