Browse Faster, Safer and Ad-Free with Brave

Brave, a web browser for a better internet

One of the newest and most exciting tools in the bitcoin space is not really known as a bitcoin tool but rather as an ad-blocking web browser. What separates this browser from others is that it has a built in payment mechanism that allow both users and content creators to earn bitcoin from ad revenue. Now everyone can browse safer, faster, ad-free and also earn bitcoin while doing it.

A Brave New World

If you aren’t paying for a service, you are not the customer. You are the product being sold. Currently, the way that most ads services (if not all ad services) work is reliant on monetizing the personal data of the end user. In order to do this, these services need as much of your personal information as possible. This is where trackers, cookies, phishing, malware and any other means to collet and mine your personal data come in to play and Brave hopes to counter this.

Block Ads & Trackers

Ad Blockers are one of the fastest growing services on the internet today. In 2016, ad blocker usage grew substantially and is expected to double by 2020. It seems pretty clear that people want more privacy, less popups, trackers, spam and unwanted ads.

While I personally don’t believe that people are using ad blockers to shave milliseconds off of web page load times, I do believe that ad blockers are playing a big part of preserving online privacy and it seems like Brave team is hoping to position themselves at the center of this.

Replace Ads

Brave is also currently working on a system that not only blocks existing “dirty” ads but also replaces them with what they call “clean” ads that aren’t privacy invasive. Brave Ad Replacements are just part of a new system called Brave Payments that I personally believe is going to change the way we consume online content.

Brave Payments

Brave has not only managed to create a tool that seamlessly increases privacy of all of their users but with the release of brave payments, they have created a tool that allows users to voluntarily pay small amounts of money to the websites that they visit the most and even earn money for browsing the web. Visit the Brave Payments FAQ page for more info on how it all works.

Brave Payments

The way that traditional ad payments work is between the ad agency and the site where the ad is displayed. This is a pretty two sided way to advertise which is why I believe Brave Payments was created.

The 4 Brave User Types

At first glance, most people probably won’t understand why Brave is such a powerful tool. To make things easier, they have provided some press content to help users better understand how they will turn traditional ad systems upside down while simultaneously increasing the revenue generated by content creators and publishers.

Who uses the Brave browser?

Donating Ad Share with Brave Ads – Andy

Some users who want to block ads are not concerned with making money from their browsing so they opt to donate their brave payments earning to the sites, publishers and content creators. This results in sites and publishers receiving 70% of revenue which is higher than most existing ad networks.

Keeping Ad Share with Brave Ads – Beth

Your attention is worth money to advertisers. This is where I personally believe that Brave changes the way that we will browse and monetize content. Brave ads enables users to get paid to browse the web by allowing them to earn a percentage of the ad revenue that they generate. Yes, this means that you can earn money for browsing the web. Think about that for a minute.

Ad-Free Browsing – Cathy

Some users do not want to see any ads at all and would rather contribute some of their own money to the sites they visit most. This type of user has the option to make a small payment with bitcoin or credit card for an ad-free browsing experience. This user sees less ads but also contributes to the sites that the visit the most.

Ad Blocking – David

The fourth and final type of browser loathes ads of any kind and as a result has opted to block any and all ads and chooses not to contribute in any way. This user just wants to browse the web with increase speed and privacy.

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Money Badger – Bitcoin via Email, SMS & Reddit

Money Badger

Have you ever wanted to send bitcoin to someone who doesn’t have a bitcoin wallet or maybe to someone who doesn’t even know what bitcoin is? Well, now there is Money Badger and it don’t care who has a bitcoin wallet. It sends bitcoin where it wants and it doesn’t need usernames or logins.

Sending Bitcoin with Money Badger

If two people already use bitcoin, Money Badger doesn’t offer any new functionality. If you are trying to get more of your friends, family and co-workers to understand, adopt or even use bitcoin, it is one of the most useful tools in the bitcoin space.

Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

Sending bitcoin with Money Badger is easy and only takes 3 steps.

1. Enter a phone number or email address.

2. Select the amount that you’d like to send. Currently, USD, EUR, GBP and BTC are supported.

3. Complete the captcha and under “Additional Options” you can enter a short message and a return address in the event that the recipient doesn’t claim the coins that you send. This is important so you can get any unclaimed bitcoin returned to you.

How Money Badger works

Receiving Bitcoin

When someone sends you bitcoin, you’ll receive a notification with a voucher code to redeem your bitcoins. In order to claim your bitcoins, you just have to visit money badger and enter your voucher code, your email or phone number and the bitcoin address where you would like to receive your bitcoins. That’s it.

Once you have sent someone their first amount of bitcoin, the rising price of bitcoin is usually enough to incentivize them to do some research about bitcoin and how to use it.

If the recipient doesn’t claim their bitcoins within 7 days, they are automatically returned to the sender if the sender included a return bitcoin address. This puts coins into the hands of the most relevant users and also eliminates the risk of the recipient not claiming their bitcoin. So, now you can send bitcoin to your friends, family, co-workers and anyone else you want and if they don’t care to claim them, then you get your coins back. It’s a win win.

Costs and Limits

Every time that you send bitcoin with money badger there is a $.50 service fee that goes to Money Badger to ensure that they can keep providing this service.

Since Money Badger is primarily for getting new users to adopt bitcoin by incentivizing them to download a bitcoin wallet and learn how to receive their first bitcoin transaction, there is a minimum limit of $1 and a max limit of $100 that can be sent through Money Badger. So if you are looking for a way to send large amounts of money both the sender and receiver will need to already be familiar with bitcoin.


If you are looking for a free and easy way to send anonymous bitcoin tips, giving the gift of bitcoin and helping new users learn about bitcoin then Money Badger is a great tool for you to experiment with.

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Do We Pay for Things With Our Privacy?

Reason to use Bitcoin 24: You should only have to pay for things with your money; not pay with privacy

We all use money in our daily lives. Some of us use paper bills, some use electronic forms of money while some economies rely heavily on barter systems and commodity based money like gold. No matter what form of money you use, you shouldn’t be required to pay for things with your private information along with each payment. This is where bitcoin has immense privacy enhancing features for transacting value both on and offline.


Before the invention of electronic money, the only way that you could pay for things was with cold hard cash. Cash came in many forms and up until the invention of fiat money the preferred form of cash was gold. Since gold is way to difficult to transport in quantity, paper note representations of gold were created and still to this day, cash is the most private and anonymous means of transferring value. This is one the main reasons why cash is the currency of choice for illegal activity.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Banks and financial institutions are required by law to collect too much of your personal information. These types of regulations often perpetuate financial exclusion and further foster global disparity by keeping the lower class out of the banking system.

In order to open a bank account in most developed nations, you need all sorts of identifying documents. Government issued photo ID, birth certificates, proof of residence and this is if you are a citizen. If you are an immigrant, things become much more difficult and often result in denial. It is these KYC regulations that are one of the driving forces behind the erosion of privacy and increasing poverty around the globe. You shouldn’t have to surrender your identity in order to store and transact value in the digital age.


Checks gave birth to all sorts of new fraud and cybercrime that had never existed before. Whenever you pay someone with a check you are revealing some very personal information about yourself. Each check has your first name, last name and address. That’s not good for your privacy. You also surrender both your checking and routing numbers on each check which can open you up to some check fraud problems. Watch the movie “Catch Me If You Can” starring Leo DiCaprio for the story of the greatest check fraudster in the world, Frank Abagnale.

Debit and Credit Cards

Every single time that you swipe your credit or debit card you are surrendering personal information about yourself not only to the vendor that you are buying from but also to your bank. With each transaction, they know where you are, when you are there, how much you spent and often times what you purchased. ApplePay removes some of this information being revealed but you still do not have private control of your funds.

Digital Cash

One of the beautiful things about bitcoin is that you can store and transact value without having to attach your identity to your money. This is what makes bitcoin the most private payment network on the planet. Not only do you keep full control of your personal information when you spend with bitcoin but you also keep full control of your funds. It is this type of financial privacy that will enable more economic inclusivity than any existing payment mechanism in the world today.

Reason to use Bitcoin 24 t shirt

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