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We are a global bitcoin awareness experiment. Our mission is to get people all around the world to take action and use bitcoin in daily life. We have created 101 pieces of educational content that explain just some of the reasons to use bitcoin. We use images, videos, articles, podcasts and products to educate people about why the world needs to use bitcoin.

How to Take Action

1. Own Bitcoin – This is probably the single best thing that you can do for the global bitcoin economy.

2. Accept Bitcoin – This is the absolute best way to complete step 1. By accepting bitcoin as a payment for goods or services, you are validating its use as a medium of exchange and a unit of account.

3. Use Bitcoin – This is the best way to help people to complete both steps 2 and 1.

4. Save Bitcoin – This is the best way to ensure step 1 is never false and also use bitcoin as a store of value.

5. Duplicate – Help others complete steps 1 through 4.

All contributions, pledges and donations will help to us expand bitcoin awareness with the production of new images, videos, blog posts, podcasts, products, website upgrades, research and development, translating our content into multiple languages and anything else to help grow the global Bitcoin infrastructure.

Share, Pin, Tweet, Comment

Our core objective is to increase global bitcoin awareness. The easiest (and cheapest) way to help us achieve our goal is by sharing content that you think will help others learn about Bitcoin. Share pics, videos, podcasts, blog posts and whatever else you see fit. The more sharing that happens, the sooner more people in more places will become aware of it, its benefits and how to use it.

If you are already aware of Bitcoin and how it works, the best way that you can take action is to actually own some bitcoin. You can buy it from an exchange or accept it as payment for something but by owning even a little bit of bitcoin, you are doing a lot more good for the global bitcoin economy than you may realize. Owning and saving just $20 worth of Bitcoin is not only helping to make it more scarce at the exchanges but it also helps to distribute Bitcoin ownership to more people in more places.

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YouTube: This is where we proudly release our ad-free video content to the world. In an effort to increase global Bitcoin usage, we have grand plans to subtitle all of our videos into the most widely used languages around the world. As of March 2016, our objective is to publish 2-4 videos every month. So, if you are interested in videos that go into a bit more detail on some of the most best reasons to use Bitcoin, subscribing to our YouTube channel is for you.

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Pinterest: We have a number of targeted and relevant pinterest boards to help educate people about the different aspects and applications of bitcoin. Pins and Repins are a big part of our strategy for the long-term success of our campaign for a couple reasons. 1. Searching for images on Pinterest is way better than a Google Image search. 2. Images are “Pin’d” to more targeted boards and interests which helps to create a more relevant and organic experience for those who find our images.

Instagram: All of our new reasons to use Bitcoin are first released here on Instagram just as an image. This is also where we publish teasers of upcoming YouTube videos. So, basically if you want the first look at all of our pic, video and promotional content, you should follow @BitcoinReasons on Instagram.

Twitter: We are on Twitter every day to read articles and tweets from bitcoin industry leaders and influencers, find cool new services and grow more awareness however we can. We don’t usually tweet much more than new pics and videos unless we have something worth saying but this is a great place to reach out to us if you would like to get in touch with us. We respond to all legit tweets from human beings.

Facebook: FB is obviously the most common place to share any of your favorite posts, pics or videos. Any and all sharing here will greatly help raise awareness with your friends, family and 200+ other people that you don’t really know. If you feel like it, you might want to like our FB page. We try not to post on here unless we have fresh new blog content or a quality video to share.

Google+: We know that Google+ is a smaller social media platform but any +1’s or sharing on G+ helps Google to find and index that content faster which only means greater Bitcoin awareness in less time. We also have a Google+ page where we publish all of our new pics, videos and blog posts so add us to one of your Bitcoin circles for a more relevant experience on G+. We are also pretty active in a couple of Bitcoin communities on G+ that are worth being a part of.

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